Why Markham’s “Burgundy” will conquer your heart

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As I swish the lime juice in my rum’n’coke, another band jams at Toronto’s famous Sneaky Dee’s. They’re good, but the audience is reluctant to show them any love. Perhaps, a slip-of-a-tongue about DUI and smoking substances before the show have made the opposite effect than they had hoped to get. But snarky comments of this reckless boyband from the States are significantly inferior to the charm and wit of another band that performed tonight – Burgundy.

Burgundy is an Emo/Alternative/Post-Hardcore band from Markham, ON. They’ve been around for about a year and a half, playing all over the GTA. Their debut EP – Hysteresis – has gained a solid following from local and national admirers. Today, their dedicated fans have conquered the nasty weather in Toronto to hear their icons live, and were rewarded with Burgundy’s newest hit – a nameless yet fresh, lively and vigorous rhapsody, which the boys have been working on for over a month. It encapsulates the band’s long friendship and their love for music. Whatever they play together, they play because they love to do it – and, of course, the fans love them too.

Back at Sneaky Dee’s, I spot glimpses of roaming Burgundy logos around the dark-lit room – the band has brought hand-printed t-shirts, made with tender love and care, to distribute to their followers. They took 15 hours to make, almost all from scratch, and are available in all sizes. The slaving hours quickly pay off, because the fans can’t get enough of the merch. I smile, because I know that people out there love Burgundy. And the band deserves to be loved.

I chat with Matt and Alex – two of the three Burgundy members. Matt plays the guitar and provides vocals, Alex musters the drums. The third member – Lucas – is responsible for vocals/bass. They’ve been friends since high school years, and share a passion for music and good times. Both Matt and Alex are stoked to perform tonight, even though the crowd could be much bigger. The traffic and the weather in Toronto can be hectic, which is probably why many people could not make it to the show. And they have missed a lot, as the boys rock it on stage.

The guys definitely have fun when they perform. They amuse their public with everything from sublime frenzy to affectionate conversations in between the songs. Burgundy easily charms their fans, some of them more than others. The fans love them unconditionally.

On May 4th, Burgundy opened for the touring bands Young Culture, Parkside and Losing Streak. They started just past 6pm with a small crowd of devotees, but as they graced the darkly lit stage, more and more spectators came out. These young talents have already left their print on GTA’s alternative and independent culture. Tonight, Burgundy entrances their audience through mellow but gruff vocals; rich and fierce guitar riffs; penetrating drum throbs and bright, sensual shimmer of the cymbals. But before they know it, it is time to wrap up the set.

The final cords of “Hysteresis” – the last song on Burgundy’s EP – wave off and Lucas puts his bass down. Matt and Alex continue to play, finishing the song to a roomful of cheers and whistles. This almost signifies the dissemination of the band. But that’s okay, because no matter where Burgundy goes, or what name it acquires, it will always be successful.

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