The Underground

As a Section Editor at University of Toronto Scarborough's student magazine The Underground, I get to communicate with students and learn about their struggles. Here's some of the articles that have been published in the print version of the magazine.

  • OSAP cuts
    The Underground

    #FordNation? More like #AbomiNation

    Reading Time: 9 minutes What do the OSAP cuts mean for UTSC students? Signing up for sugar daddies and receiving generous donations from pop-singers are just two of the ways that Ontario students are getting creative to scrape up enough…

  • Highland
    The Underground

    AskUG Investigates… Highland Hall

    Reading Time: 2 minutes HIGHLAND HALL Many of you have probably noticed the loud construction sounds coming from the north eastern part of UTSC campus. No surprise there – the construction is underway for a new building called Highland Hall,…

  • Halloween
    The Underground

    Conquering Chills on Halloween Night

    Reading Time: 3 minutes A question from: Desperately Cold and Frustrated How do you stay warm in a Halloween consume without ruining your outfit? Is there a way to balance it out? Dear Desperately Cold and Frustrated, The Halloween struggle…

  • year
    The Underground

    Essentials for a Successful Student Year

    Reading Time: 4 minutes Question from: Burnt-out Dear AskUG, I am excited to start my second year and meet new people, but I feel like my motivation to succeed this year will fade away after the first few weeks. How…

  • Professors
    The Underground

    How-To: A Guide to Professors

    Reading Time: 4 minutes Question from: Terrified but Hopeful Hi AskUG! I am starting my third year at UTSC. In the past years I have been terrified to approach my profs if I had any questions. It’s getting in the…