Tips for Making the Most of Your Winter Semester

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Students have been back to classes for a few weeks now. If you’re still trying to shake off that holiday break haze, here are some tips for making the most of your winter semester:

Be prepared

Planning your week ahead and tackling those urgent readings will help you stay in top of things. You can sign up for workshops to learn how to manage your time and homework.

Find a new place to study

Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery to put you in a positive mood. Plus, you might find that having a little background noise is helpful, or the other way around. You can find a list of study space options online.

Get active

The Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre has a range of indoor programming options, including: Olympic-sized pools, a climbing wall, a gym, fitness studios and an indoor track. Try a new fitness class or registered program this semester.

Find your focus

Having a positive and relaxed mindset helps with easing into being back to school. There are weekly group classes on stress management, meditation, nutrition and more available on campus.

Be social

There are over 200 clubs on campus as well as activities and events happening throughout the semester where you can meet new friends and expand your network.

This post initially appeared on UTSC’s Student Affairs website.
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