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Walmart, Amazon, eBay under fire for merchandise with Soviet Union symbols

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Walmart, Amazon and eBay are under fire after releasing merchandise that displays Soviet Union symbols. Many Baltic and Eastern European organizations across the world condemn this merchandise and demand that the companies immediately discontinue products with Soviet Union emblem and remove them from the shelves.
The Central and Eastern European Council in Canada (CEEC) released a call to action, in which it calls to boycott these retailers until they cease sales of all items with Soviet symbols.

“Companies such as Walmart, Amazon and eBay, should be ashamed to promote, and profit from, shirts and other merchandise that glorifies the Soviet regime and the genocide and terror in which it engaged,” said CEEC in an official statement.

Ukrainian Canadian Congress wrote letters to Walmart and Amazon urging to immediately cease sales of all merchandise with symbols of hate. These companies have a high level of credibility, said UCC, and this credibility is being severely tarnished with the sale of such merchandise.

The Joint Baltic American National Committee, Inc. (JBANC) also condemns selling t-shirts with Soviet symbols: “As with Nazi symbols, Soviet symbols deserve no warm nostalgia or spot on the store shelves”, said JBANC. “Guidelines posted on Walmart’s website prohibit the sale of products related to ‘any historical or news event’ that could be considered offensive. It is truly offensive. There is nothing to gain by supporting the sale of the symbol of the Soviet state. This insults the memory of the millions of victims.”

The Soviet Union and its Communist leaders have killed tens of millions of people, and deported, arrested and permanently displaced as refugees many more. Items that carry Soviet Union logos exalt Josef Stalin and his deadly ruling of former occupied Soviet nations.

Neither retail conglomerate has responded to these demands so far.

Kateryna Bandura for New Pathway – Ukrainian News

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