HMCS Ottawa helps shape future naval decision-makers

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HMCS Ottawa conducted a day sail on Dec. 5 as part of the Environmental Learning Week of the Joint Command & Staff Program (JCSP).

The program hosts students who will advance into positions where they will make decisions impacting naval units and sailors. JCSP includes a week of Elemental Learning Visits where the students get exposure to a wide range of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) strategic capabilities. The day sail was the Royal Canadian Navy’s contribution to the program, intending to expose the students to the naval environment.

“Normally, day sails target a civilian audience, and we really try and maximize the cool factor of what the Navy does,” said Sub-Lieutenant Jonathan Boerger, Bridge Watchkeeper in HMCS Ottawa and Second in Command for the day sail. “However, given that this day sail was targeted to JCSP students who all have a military background, we needed to refine our day sail program to go beyond the ‘cool factor’ and get into the strategic impact that the Halifax-class frigate and the Navy can generate.”

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