Raise Hell at Toronto’s Hottest Halloween Parties 2017

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Dear AskUG,
I am a student in my fourth year at UTSC. My university experience has taught me to appreciate the moments that I spend having fun, and I want to make the most of them. Where in Toronto can I go to let loose and have a good time this Halloween? Are there any cool parties going on?

Aspiring Party Animal


Dear Aspiring Party Animal,
Halloween always means cool parties, because – let’s be honest – when else weirdly dressed people partying is socially acceptable? And living in a huge city like Toronto means that there’s so many more cool parties going on. This year Halloween falls onto a Tuesday night, therefore the majority of the parties and events will be happening the weekend prior to the date.

Here’s a few of the options that you can choose from:

Friday October 27:

Celebrate like a true Targaryen (or whoever you’d like) from Game of Thrones! “The Iron Throne is still up for grabs so gather your allies and don your finest furs because winter has come to the Dragonstone Hotel this Halloween. All Seven kingdoms are invited to West Queen Westeros for an epic final reunion. So whether you’re a Stark or Lannister or belong to some other house, or if you’re real shady like the Red Queen or Little Finger, our guards will still let you in.”
Location: Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen Street West
Featuring: The white walkers | Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons | Arya | Jon Snow | Joffrey’s not invited

Join Toronto’s biggest Halloween Costume Party “HALLOWEEN FREAKSHOW” (19+ with I.D.)
Location: The Rockpile (5555 Dundas Street West, Toronto).
Featuring: Haunted Venue Décor | Costume Contests | Professional Photography and Videography | The city’s Top DJs & More | Hip Hop / House / Mash-ups / Top 40 / Dancehall.
Tickets: $10-$25,
Information: Text 647.283.0539 or
Saturday, October 28:

Feel like a true elite by attending Toronto’s 3rd Annual Halloween Costume Ballinside Toronto’s Premiere Event Venue on CNE Grounds.
Location: 200 Princes’ Boulevard Toronto (Located inside the Queen Elizabeth Building)
Featuring:Ghoulish Sounds by Toronto’s Top DJ’s, who will be playing the best in: TOP 40 | HIPHOP | TRAP | EDM | R&B | REGGAE | HOUSE
Tickets: Early bird $20 at
Information:Call/Text: 416.899.8860 | Email:

“Start thinking of your Halloween costumes and aboard the 2017 Halloween Club Crawl. Join thousands of party goers as we club crawl to 3 of Toronto’s hottest venues downtown. Why party at 1 downtown location this Halloween when you can party 3? Limited LIMO Buses Party bus tickets available.”
Location: various
Featuring: 3 clubs|3 bars|1 ticket|1 VIP wristband|limo buses party bus transportation between nightclubs|costume contests|no cover/no line with your wristbands
Tickets: $20 advance, $25 party bus, limited $30 limo bus tickets
Information: or call/text 647.738.4565

However, if you’re looking to go out on the Halloween night itself, you can check this one out:

Tuesday October 31

“The BIGGEST Halloween at Toronto’s Stadium Nightclub. The only venue in Toronto that offers a 3 story Halloween event. This 3 Story Haunted Fun House will be filled with ghosts and goblin’s music and top DJ’s from around the world.”
Location: Stadium, 108 Peter St
Featuring: Cash and prizes for Best Costume | Halloween 2017’s biggest DJ Line Up
Tickets: $10,

You can also find more cool parties here.

It is true that you have to appreciate moments that you spend having fun, and I hope that this Halloween you’ll have the most fun you can get. Fourth year of university sort of demands that 😉


Erza Applebaum, AskUG Editor

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This article originally appeared in UTSC’s The Underground

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