Rodan Energy Solutions expands its U.S. leadership team

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A leading North American energy management company Rodan Energy Solutions appointed Aaron Breidenbaugh as director of U.S. Markets and Regulatory Affairs. Rodan Energy Solutions is led by President and CEO Paul Grod, who is also President of the Ukrainian World Congress.

This follows April announcement of two new additions to Rodan’s senior leadership team. Back in April, Rodan welcomed Roman Duch and John Carroll, as Rodan’ vice president, corporate development, and managing director of U.S. operations, correspondingly.

Roman Duch, Rodan’s vice president, corporate development, is responsible for driving corporate growth through developing and executing Rodan’s strategic initiatives. Specifically, his job is to secure financing for distributed energy projects and corporate growth objectives. Duch works with Rodan’s business leaders to identify opportunities for growth and assists Rodan in finding new markets.

As the managing director of Rodan’s U.S. operations, John Carroll leads all aspects of Rodan’s U.S. business. Based out of the U.S. headquarters in Princeton, N.J., he actively seeks clients and business partners to bring them Rodan’s industry-leading solutions.

Both Duch and Carroll help expand Rodan’s U.S. business and development of its distributed energy resources offering across North America.

As new addition to the team, Breidenbaugh will focus on assisting Rodan’s clients in navigating complex U.S. energy markets and helping reduce their total energy expenditure while enhancing a sustainable energy economy.

Rodan Energy Solutions’ Canadian operations are headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, with its innovation hub in Kitchener-Waterloo, and Western Regional office in Calgary, Alta. Rodan delivers innovative solutions to large commercial and industrial power producers, distributors and consumers. The company’s expertise lies in a few key areas of energy management such as metering, engineering and energy management information systems. As a leading North American energy management company, Rodan helps clients reduce their total energy spend and help develop a sustainable energy future.

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