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Last summer I subscribed to Canada’s highest circulating broadsheet newspaper (in 2015), the Toronto Star. It is the only newspaper to which I can dedicate reading time from cover to cover (except the sports section) so it is my #1 source of information. However, I would not call it my most reliable source because it might briefly talk about important stories or not cover them at all. To solve this issue, I subscribed for a daily CNN news update over Messenger – Facebook messaging app – and every morning CNN sends me a private message with 5-6 important stories of the day. Still, this is not enough to be well-informed, so additionally I installed CBC News app on my cellphone and configured it to notify me of breaking news. To me, all three news sources cluster into (what I like to call it) one “news super mind” – and that is my most reliable source of information.

Toronto Star covers business, politics, life, money and GTA. It provides a brief insight into current local and overseas affairs and

“Can help develop critical reading, thinking and media literacy skills while increasing […] awareness of local and world issues.”

Toronto Star Classroom Connection

Thus Toronto Star is a base on which I build my informed knowledge, because it covers everything an informed reader should be aware of.

The private CNN messages provide me summaries of top daily news. They

“[give] a quick read [of the stories] without having to be redirect to any website” (though the option is there).

Messenger Chatbots

This saves my time as I skim though the top news in the morning.

Occasionally a breaking story will break through the news slime but neither CNN messenger nor the Toronto Star will inform me right away, hence why I installed the CBC News app. It is very customizable in terms of location and favorite news sections and I receive alerts of breaking stories as they happen, which allows me to be on top of them.

“Jennifer McGuire, general manager and editor in chief of CBC News and centres, said the [app] [is] designed to give Canadians better access to the CBC journalism happening in their local communities throughout the day”

CBC News

This app almost immediately grants me awareness of breaking stories in Canada and the world.

All three news sources – Toronto Star, CNN messenger and CBC News app – form a “news super mind”, which gives me a base knowledge of the news, a brief summary of interesting news and quick alerts of breaking news. To me, having three news sources combined this way is more reliable than clinging to one.

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