Learning from our partners: Operation Regulus

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After completing a secondment with the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN)’s diving contingent, one Clearance Diver with Fleet Diving Unit (Pacific) (FDU(P)) hopes to bring back some of their emergency procedures and tactical diving oxygen rebreather (LAR-7000) training to the unit.

“The Royal New Zealand Navy Clearance Divers are top class and we can learn many things from them as we are getting our LAR training up and running,” Sailor First Class (S1) Adam Foster says.

S1 Foster completed an exchange, refered to as Operation Regulus, with the RNZN in mid-May, where he worked with various clearance diving teams. He was selected as a Clearance Diver in 2020 and began his naval career in August of that year; before that, he was an Infantry Reservist based in Vancouver.

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